• GROW Your
    AC Media adds power to your marketing dollars
  • Grow Your Enrollments
    AC Media adds power to your marketing dollars
  • GROW Your
    AC Media adds power to your marketing dollars
  • Grow Your Enrollments
    AC Media adds power to your marketing dollars

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About Us

Through our top-tier strategic marketing, we capture motivated prospective students seeking education opportunities. Our clients consistently receive desired enrollment rates and ROI, because we offer comprehensive knowledge in the education recruitment marketing space – spanning over 20 years.

Helping Over 100 Education Clients

Engaging Over 30,000 Interested Students
Per Month

Achieving Clients’
ROI Goals

Adhering to the Highest Compliant Standards

Offering Excellent Customer Service

What We Do

Our Strategy

We use the best tools in the market to target students actively seeking new education opportunities. We listen to our clients and conduct deep-dives into data, so that each client will receive customized approach that will gain the best returns.


We take the time to understand our clients’ historical successes through extensive data analysis. Overlaying this intel with our in-depth research in customer acquisition marketing, is how we keep our long-term customers reaching their objectives.

Live Transfers & Lead Generation

Powered by CRM

Our prospective students want to speak with admissions representatives about enrolling. And with our live call transfer program, we make that connection instantaneously resulting in excellent ROI. Through customized strategies, we have a unique ability to attract and prioritize student leads, determine their level of viability and improve conversion – all at a competitive customer acquisition cost.

Data Analytics

Powered by Reporting

Predictive modeling is an important part of creating strategic plan. Utilizing our vast data warehouse, extensive experience, and critical analytical tools, our team creates a comprehensive plan to capture consumers that are most likely to convert. Conversion analysis, market and program research, surveys and mystery shopping are all available to our clients as part of this on-going support towards success.

Increase Conversions

Conversion marketing enhances the user experience by offering post-lead services designed to support and optimize your marketing efforts. Engage and nurture relationships with your customer through targeted communications and data analytics.

Our Services

Lead Generation: Student Recruitment

Our clients receive thousands of newly enrolled students every year.

  • Top-tier strategic marketing that captures motivated students
  • Wholly owned and operated call centers in the U.S.
  • Adhere to highest standards in compliance and quality
  • Expertise in customer-acquisition and operations management

Additional Lead Generation

AC Media also has a proven and unique network of traffic that provides customer acquisition campaigns through CPL, CPC, and CPI methods in various verticals which include:

  • Home Services
  • Mortgage
  • Health Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Lifestyle Products

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